Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Ways to Say You're Bi-Curious

The world of the bi-curious is like a resort, where bored and confused people can take a vacation. - Your newly-discovered bisexuality made our 3-way the best ever! - If I wanted to have my first lesbian experience, it would be with someone like you. - Sorry my bisexual, polyamorous tendencies made you uncomfortable at the wake. - The real difference between bisexual and bicurious is touching balls. - Sorry if my coming out as bisexual made you uncomfortable. - I appreciate the Mormon's support for the straight half of my bisexuality. - Actually I'm not bisexual, I'm trisexual, meaning that I will try anything once. - Thanks for providing me with the lurid details of all your bisexual escapades. - Just letting you know... I'm bisexual! - i'm not bisexual, i'm just greedy. - Tweeting hath no fury like a bisexual reality slut scorned - It's about time you reaffirm your bisexual bonafides - I'm sorry you never realized that - Bisexuality: The Best of Both Worlds! - I wish I was bisexual.

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