Sunday, January 6, 2013

Twitter and Porn (together at last)

Twitter and porn - two of humanity's most compelling wastes of time - have come together in the form of PornoTwitter to make sure you never leave your house again. Were we fools to think that they could be kept apart forever? Probably but that is not going to stop certain people out there from over-reacting and going into hyper-protective mode.

In fairness you can't fault some people for believing that young people's minds would be better filled with offerings from the Discovery Channel (where they can watch various forms of wild animals 'doing it') or the History Channel with accounts of various orgies of murder, mayhem, genocide and all of that. Hard core pornography is as old as the human race. We know from the internet that human civilisation began about 1995. Prior to this people (savages if you will) were much less culturally developed. Paintings and etchings made on the walls of Stone Age caves contain unmistakable depictions of sexual acts. What this lesson serves to illustrates is that: the next time you feel compelled to blame all of humanity's failings on our embrace of the modern world, stop to reflect. The golden age you hark back to never really existed either.

If self-exaggerated claims are to be believed (and why shouldn't they be?) 'the best source for all things porn related' on the Twitterverse is to be found at "Daily doses of hardcore Porn, pornography videos, sex industry news, porno pics and Pornstars" is what they offer. But if you don't find what you are looking for, don't come looking to us for a refund. We have a strict policy on that sort of thing. It serves you right for not joining your family and loved ones in front of the TV to watch the Discovery Channel (or the History Channel and their latest musings on Hitler - the more you learn about that guy and his deeds, the more one comes to dislike him).

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