Monday, February 4, 2013

The Secrets of Successful Dating

In an episode of The Simpsons from 1996 (wow, has it really been running that long?) entitled, Much Apu About Nothing, we learn that before rising to the ranks of Kwik-E-Mart manager, Apu was a lowly computer science postgraduate, studying under the tutelage of the brilliant Professor Frink. In a flashback he asks the aforementioned professor whether computer programming principles could ever be used to furnish adult dating tips. Frink's response is:
Well, technically, yes, but the computer matches would be so perfect as to eliminate the thrill of romantic conquest.
Fast forward a few years (decade-and-a-half at least) and we find people still dreaming of being able to pin down the likelihood of successful mating to something approaching mathematical certainty. But finding the right person to form a lifelong bond with (or even a dirty weekend) is not altogether a matter of science. It's usually more likely to be accidental. Any element of conscious planning only come in to play when primeval urges have already taken over.

In the 2010 film The Social Network we find that a young Mark Zuckerberg (or an actor playing his character - we can't be sure if the events portrayed in the film are accurate, just as we can't be sure that Facebook shares were not ludicrously overvalued on their initial public offering and are poised to make a spectacular recovery any day now) had his Eureka moment when a fellow student approached him to suss out a female student classmate of his. The idea of a vast adult dating directory was conceived and has grown to be worldwide. Not that Facebook is used purely for dating purposes; some people like to post pictures of their cats there; or use it to snoop on Justin Bieber, to find out if he wears boxer shorts or briefs (he doesn't, apparently).

Today, adult dating sites populate the web like never before, typically catering to particular communities based on lifestyle preferences. So much so that the task of choosing a dating site presents a vast and bewildering array; almost as daunting as choosing the one you want to be with. That's where adult reviews can help. Best of luck in your quest. Let us know if you find what your heart desires.

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